Benjamin Percy is leaving Nightwing with the upcoming 50th issue

After only six issues, Benjamin Percy is moving on from the world of Bludhaven, Gotham and Nightwing.

Nightwing 50

Big changes are on the way for Dick Grayson. Just as DC Comics has been circulating reports that the hero known as Nightwing is about to undergo some sort of traumatic injury in the upcoming 50th issue, turns out he’ll be dealing with more than that.

Benjamin Percy has announced on Twitter, in a series of four tweets, that the 50th issue will mark the end of his run on the series. While Percy thanked his editors and collaborators, he also indicated that this exit was seemingly not planned as he added in the tweets “I really wish I could have told the story I planned to tell…but I promise I’m leaving you on a high note.”

What led to this departure is currently unknown. After finishing up a long well-received run on Green Arrow to earlier this year, Percy made the leap over to the Batman side of things with the back in May with issue #44 for what had seemed like it would be a possible long run.

Whether artists Travis Moore and Christopher Mooneyham will remain on the book is also not clear.

What is also strange is that the solicitation for the 50th issue claims that it’s the start of a four-part story, which seems to indicate that either this has changed or Percy is only writing the first part of the story and someone else is taking over the rest of it.

Nightwing #50 arrives on October 03.



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