Gotham enlists Shane West for a recurring villain role in fifth & final season

West's villain potentially could have ties to a pretty major Batman rogue that has been rumored to appear soon.

Gotham Season 5

As the city crumbles, Gotham is pulling out all the stops for the fifth and final season of the pre-Batman series that launches in 2019.  One big move is the addition of a potentially very important recurring villain.

According to Deadline, the series is turning to Nikita and ER alum Shane West for a recurring role Eduardo Dorrance. The character is an old Army buddy of Captain James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and brings an elite team of soldiers to Gotham under the pretense of helping Gordon restore order to the devastated city. Unfortunately, Gordon quickly learns that Dorrance has darker & evil actual intentions for the city.

While the first name is different, the name of Dorrance does have comic book ties. In the comics, Sir Edmund Dorrance is a Batman villain known as King Snake but the most important factor is that he is the father of Bane, one of Batman’s biggest and most brutal foes. Rumors of Bane being connected to the final season have been floating around for a while and this all but confirms the big villain’s possible appearance before the show wraps up. Whether Bane will appear alongside West’s character or whether the show will do another alteration to existing characters and make West’s Dorrance turn into Bane is the question.

Starting as a police procedural, Gotham quickly decided to swerve into going all out as most of Batman’s rogues (including multiple versions of some) have made their debut while the caped crusader is still a teenager potentially years away from donning cape and cowl. According to reports though, that might change by season’s end as there are rumors of a time jump in order to help David Mazouz’s Bruce turn into the hero he’s meant to be.


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