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The final episodes of Rick Grimes are highlighted in the latest The Walking Dead season nine teaser trailer

As Rick Grimes ultimate future remains a mystery, AMC doesnt' shy away from advertising the end of the character.


More so than usual, The Walking Dead has a massive cloud of uncertainty surrounding their upcoming ninth season as series regulars Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan are preparing to make their exits. Despite this, AMC is not shying away from promoting that this is the last part of their show that will feature Rick Grimes, the main lead of the entire show.

The latest teaser trailer for the series has arrived and it’s title highlights that these are the last episodes of Rick Grimes story.

Reports of Lincoln’s departure arrived shortly after the series wrapped season eight earlier this year, and he confirmed his exit during San Diego Comic-Con this summer. Cohan went through some times of uncertainty with the show over contract negotiations, during which she secured a new pilot and series for ABC (Whiskey Cavelier) which plays a part in her departing the show.

The Walking Dead season nine begins on October 07.


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