The die is cast as The Superior Octopus becomes a brand new Superior Spider-Man series this winter.

After dipping back into his Octopus moniker for a brief period, Otto Octavius is out to prove he is the better Spider-Man once more.

Superior Spider-Man Featured

Once more, the Octopus is no more. After announcing the debut of a new The Superior Octopus series during San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel has revealed a big change that brings back something from the past: the return of the Superior Spider-Man.

That’s right, the publisher has announced that Christos Gage and Mike Hawthorne’s new series, which comes with Hawthorne going exclusively with Marvel once more, has changed its name to Supeiror Spider-Man as Otto Octavius sheds his Octopus themed moniker once more to prove that he truly is the superior superhero. Otto was last seen as the Superior Octopus saving Aunt May during the “Go Down Swinging” arc of Amazing Spider-Maneventually leaving in his cloned Peter Parker body (happened during the Clone Conspiracy event story) to live in San Francisco under the name Elliot Tolliver.

“The Superior Spider-Man is back! But this time he’s not trying to be a superior Peter Parker — he’s trying to be the best possible Otto Octavius,” Gage said. “[This] includes protecting San Francisco, teaching at Horizon University in his cover identity as Elliot Tolliver, and, of course, doing everything much better than anyone else can — which is why he’s still the Superior Spider-Man! I had the great pleasure of collaborating with Dan Slott on his incredible Superior Spider-Man run, and I can’t wait for people to see this new chapter in Otto’s journey toward… redemption? Corruption? Triumph? Tragedy? That remains to be seen. What I can tell you is that the appropriately superior artistic team of Mike Hawthorne, Wade Von Grawbadger, and Jordie Bellaire — titans of their field, all — are absolutely killing it on the art.”

Superior Spider-Man

Previously Otto carried that moniker in the last series with the name when he took over the body and life of Peter Parker, only to have his quest to prove his superiority come to an end when he gave control back to Peter in order to save his love Anna Marconi from the returned Green Goblin.

“I’m more than thrilled to renew my exclusive with the folks at Marvel,” Hawthorne said. “I want to emphasize ‘folks’ here, as I think we often talk about Marvel as this big entity that just makes things happen. Marvel, to me, is the people that work day in and day out to try to make the best comics they can. They’re the ones that keep me coming back. I’m ecstatic to dedicate the next few years of my creative energies to adding to the Marvel Universe!”

While Otto is across the country from New York where most of the superhero and supervillain antics go down, he’ll still see some familiar Marvel faces.

“Already I’ve had the pleasure of seeing [the artistic team] depict Stilt-Man, the Night Shift, and some rather more heavy-hitting villains who shall remain nameless,” Gage said. “Tremble, world, for Otto Octavius is back, better than ever… you’re welcome. Oh, and… THE DIE IS CAST!!”

Superior Spider-Man arrives in December.



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