One of the Guardians of the Galaxy will fall in an upcoming Infinity Wars one-shot

Before the Guardians can be relaunched in 2019, one of their members is going to meet their end


Just as Marvel took time to announce a new Guardians of the Galaxy series will kick off their January releases in 2019, they revealed the clock is ticking for one of the current and most well-known crop of Guardians. The publisher dropped a new teaser for the one-shot Infinity Wars: Fallen Guardian #1 from Gerry Duggan & Andy McDonald with a cover by R.B. Silva where it declares that one Guardian out of Star-Lord, Groot, Drax, Gamora or Rocket Raccoon will fall.


Who will pay the ultimate price in the one-shot that is part of the current Infinity Wars event is unclear. Based upon the large teaser that was shared for the upcoming Geoff Shaw & Donny Cates relaunched Guardians of the Galaxy series it seems likely that for the first time in years we might see a very different Guardians team that isn’t so dependant on the aforementioned five members.

Infinity Wars: Fallen Guardian arrives in December.