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Black Lightning gains a season two promo as the series cast Supergirl alum as the hero Looker

The Pierce family is back to continue their fight for Freeland against Tobias Whale as other forces rise.

Black Lightning Featured

Earlier this year Black Lightning electified The CW DC Superhero universe & the audiences alike, and season two looks not only to continue that but take things to the next level. A brand new promo for the show’s second season has emerged and a brand new DC Comics characters, one of the Outsiders, will make their debut this season.

With one part of the battle for Freeland behind them, father and daughter Jefferson & Anissa Pierce are teaming up once more as Black Lightning & Thunder to continue the fight against Tobias Whale.

In season one there were numerous references The DC Comics team the Outsiders, including a comic book in the pocket of Grace Choi who was a member of the team at one point, a team which Jefferson Pierce is heavily tied to in the comics. This season, as reported by TVLineSupergirl guest star Sofia Vassilieva has been cast as Emily Briggs, otherwise known as the telepathic & telekinetic Outsiders member Looker.

While not much is known about how Looker will fit into the season, the growing number of Outsiders related characters and references could point to the series eventually giving birth to a version of the team.


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