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The survivors begin to butt heads evne more in the latest The Walking Dead season nine trailer

Over a year after the end of the war, the zombie apocalypse survivors begin to deal with new kinds of conflicts.


War with Negan and the Saviors might have come to an end, but the battles are just beginning for the apocalyptic survivors in season nine of The Walking Dead. A brand new trailer for the upcoming season focuses on the various clashes between the leader characters, aptly called “Leadership Clashes.”

Included in the clashes are Rick Grimes & Maggie Rhee, who both are on their final episodes with Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan both set to depart the series sometime very soon in the ninth season.

Already the next threat for the survivors is beginning to form as Samantha Morton & Ryan Hurst have both been cast in the recurring roles of Alpha and Beta who are the leaders of the flesh wearing group of survivors known as the Whisperers. Cassady McClincy was also cast for the season as Lydia, the daughter of Alpha.

The Walking Dead returns on October 07 on AMC.


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