Shatterstar gains a new “space cowboy” inspired look for his upcoming solo series

The X-Men's resident warrior from Mojoworld updates his wardrobe for his latest limited series.

Shatterstar Featured

After showing off a new look for former X-Factor member and current New Mutant member Rictor for the upcoming Shatterstar series, Tim Seely and C.F. Villa are ready to give a peek at the series title character. Shatterstar has had many looks over the years since his 90s debut, and as he slips into his own series once more that won’t change.

Seely shared the look in a new tweet, with Villa responding in his own tweet that with the new look he “wanted to bring back some of his iconic silhouette combined with some space cowboy flavor.”


This new limited series will give a spotlight on the sword swinging warrior from Mojoworld, his first since the 2005 limited series X-Force: Shatterstar. After debuting in The New Mutants series in 1991 before it wrapped up, Shatterstar spent most of his time alongside the first incarnation of X-Force as well as returning to the X-fold in the mid-2000s in Peter David’s long second run on X-Factor. 

Shatterstar #1 arrives on October 03.


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