Rictor gets a redesign pulling from his 90s roots for the new Shatterstar series

Rictor tags along for Shatterstar's newest adventure and pulls from the 90s for his new costume.


Mojoworld fighter & X-Force/X-Factor member Shatterstar is getting his own series once more this fall, and it seems that on-again-off-again boyfriend Rictor is along for the ride. Not withing getting a redesign though.

Artist C.F. Villa showed off the brand new look for Rictor, different from the one he’s sporting currently in the New Mutants: Dead Souls miniseries, that will debut in the limited series Shatterstarthat Villa is tackling alongside writer Tim Seeley. As Villa’s caption notes, the new look takes Rictor back to some of the punk rock look that he used to sport in the past.

Rictor and Shatterstar were long-time associates and friends on the X-Men adjacent titles for many years through the 90s, with many fans picking up on their chemistry and calling for them to become a couple. Their attraction to one another finally was fully confirmed during Peter David’s long second run (alongside a whole slew of various artists) of X-Factor in 2009.

Since then the two have been together in some comics and noted as a couple, other times they seem to be off doing their own things as neither has fully been a regular cast member in any ongoing books since the ending of X-Factor. 

Shatterstar debuts on October 03.



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