The Whisperers have their Beta with the latest The Walking Dead season nine casting

The brutal second in command of the Whisperers, Beta plays a huge role as antagonist in The Walking Dead comics.

TWD Beta

As things leap forward in time following the end of the war with Negan and the saviors, season nine won’t see the zombie apocalypse survivors of The Walking Dead get much time to enjoy their new lives as a new threat is ready to make it’s debut. The flesh wearing Whisperers, who wear the flesh of the dead to blend in among the zombies as they have shed almost all of their humanity, are ready to plague the survivors and now they have their second in command.

According to The Hollywood ReporterSons of Anarchy veteran Ryan Hurst has been cast in the role of Beta who is the powerful and brutal second in command to Samantha Morton’s Alpha who is the leader of the Whisperers. In the comics, Beta kept his face covered with the flesh of the dead at all times (killing anyone that tries to or does see his face) but once he was finally unmasked he was remarked to be some former celebrity basketball player turned actor.

Beta is the strong and silent type, letting his brutality and physicality speak for itself, while also being very staunchly loyal to Alpha, seemingly also harboring some other feelings for her in the comics. Previously Cassady McClincy was cast as Lydia who is the daughter of Alpha and one of the important Whisperers characters.

Hurst’s part is a recurring one for season nine. There is no current word prcisely when the Whisperers might make their debut, whether it will be sometime in the first half of the season (as a midseason finale cliffhanger seems a likely choice) or the second half of the season in 2019. A lot has to be done in the season as the upcoming departures of Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) and Lauren Cohan (Maggie Rhee) hover over the upcoming season with both actors reportedly only set to star in around six episodes of the season before leaving in some fashion.

The Walking Dead season nine premieres on October 07.


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