Oliver Queen is in for a rough time in the new poster for Arrow season seven

Following the cliffhanger ending of season six, Oliver Queen is behind bars with all the folks he defeated as Green Arrow over the years.

Arrow Season Seven Featured

Ever since he was shipwrecked & lost on an uncharted island (though he got up to a lot off that island in that time period), live has never been that easy for Oliver Queen the vigilante known as the Arrow and Green Arrow. In season seven of The CW series though, things are going to be tougher than ever as promised by the season six cliffhanger and season seven teasers and now the first poster for the season.

Stephen Amell, the man that has been beyond the hood and mask of the vigilante since the show debuted in 2012, dropped the new Arrow season seven on his Facebook page and it shows Queen behind bars (after he turned himself in at the end of season six) looking very worse for wear.

Arrow Season Seven

Life in prison is already something that isn’t kind to most folks, but it’s even worse when you’re a former vigilante surrounded by people that you helped put behind bars in the first place. Amell accompanied the poster with the caption “This fall, Green Is The New Black” alluding to of course the popular Netflix prison series Orange is the New Black but also to the fact that while Oliver Queen is behind bars so too is the Green Arrow who has had to fight and scrap against some heavyweights for over a decade now (counting both his time on and off the island).

Arrow makes the jump to Monday nights this season to sit alongside its fellow DC Superhero series DC’s Legends of Tomorrowwith season seven kicking off on October 15.


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