Disney’s upcoming streaming platform gains a name

Launching in 2019, the new platform will be the home of all things Disney once their deal with Netflix comes to an end soon


Only referred to as Disney’s streaming platform in most cases since it was first announced last year, the upcoming platform for all things under the Disney umbrella finally has a proper name. As reported by Variety,  Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that the new platform will be known as Disney Play and referred to it as “the biggest priority of the company during calendar [year] 2019.”

This move to their own platform comes alongside the ending of their previous deal with Netflix that will see their 2019 films including Captain Marvel, Dumbo, Toy Story 4, The Lion King, and Frozen 2 among others calling Disney Play their home after they finish their theatrical runs rather than ending up on Netflix like currently. According to Variety’s estimates Disney is letting go of around $300 million in annual revenue it gains from the Netflix deal in order to take a chance on their own platform.

Like Netflix, and just about every streaming platform at this point, Disney Play also comes with original content including a Jon Favreau led Star Wars live-action series, the return of Star Wars: The Clone Wars for a final season and the live-action remake of Lady and the Tramp among other potential projects and a rotating selection of Disney’s vast vault of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and other properties including potentially 20th Century Fox material once the merger deal is complete.

It was also noted in the report that Iger acknolwedged that their services will come with a lighter load than Netflix (as it’s only pulling from the Disney umbrella of properties rather than all possible venues) leading to a price tag that is less than Netflix’s $8-$14 range. This is similar to the recently fully unveiled Warner Bros. DC Universe platform that will also come in cheaper, $7.99 a month or $74.99 annually, because of it’s smaller collection compared to Netflix.

Disney plans for their service to launch in the fall of 2019, joining the growing battle between various new and established platforms entering the field.


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