America’s Got Talent contestant cast as The Flash season five’s villainous Ragdoll

The real-life contortionist will bring the bendy and creepy DC Comics villain to life this fall on The CW series


The Flash has found their contortionist villain Ragdoll for season five, and they turned to a summertime hit television series in order to find the right actor.

As reported by TVInsider, The CW series has cast former America’s Got Talent contestant Troy James to take on the role of Peter Merkel, the alias of Ragdoll, for the fifth episode of the upcoming season. James twisted his way through an auditon in the current season of the talent competition series before being let go during the Judge Cuts episodes ahead of the live portion of the series.

While James doesn’t seem to have a background as an actor, he speaks about his day job in human resources, he certainly has the contortionist chops and can definitely pull of the creepy vibes of a villain. Check out his audition:

Merkel is a golden age comics character first introduced in Flash Comics #36 in 1942 as a triple-jointed son of a carnival barker who turned to crime when times got tough for the carnival. Donning a rag doll suit, he robbed a toy store and began a life of crime.

The character was brought back for James Robinson and Tony Harris’ series Starman where he was reinvented as a much darker serial killer level character. In more modern comics his son, Peter Merkel Jr., picked up on the criminal aspect as he was also triple-jointed and eventually became a member of the Secret Six a team that has straddled the line between villain and heroes (mostly swerving more towards the villain side at times).

The Flash returns on October 09.



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