Tony Stark: Iron Man #4-6 reportedly delayed & rescheduled

With the delays there will be no September issues but double shipping in October

Tony Stark - Iron Man 04

Tony Stark gained a new lease on life recently and reclaimed his armor as he embarked on brand new adventures with a new creative team (led by Dan Slott & Valerio Schiti ) and series as part of Marvel’s Fresh Start initiative. Those fans enjoying the new series though will have to endure a bit of a break.

As reported by Newsarama, the next three issues of Tony Stark: Iron Man have reportedly been delayed. Tony Stark: Iron Man #4 has been pushed back from September 19 to October 03, leading to issue #5 to October 17 and issue #6 dropping onto the November 21st date that originally was held by the recently solicited Tony Stark: Iron Man #7This means no issues of the series in September as well as the likelyhood that issue #7 will move to another date since Marvel is unlikely to put out two issues of the same series on the same day.

So far there has been no word from Marvel or series writer Dan Slott about the delays, but likely some sort of production delay is behind the need to space the issues out or something might have changed with the issues themselves.



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