The Walking Dead casts Cassady McClincy in season nine recurring role of Lydia

With this casting the series moves further into developing the Whisperers storyline of the comic books.

TWD 09

While The Walking Dead already made some big depatures from the comics in season eight and is prepared to make some even bigger ones in season nine, the series will continue to adapt characters and ideas from the original source material moving forward. One of those things is the casting of a character that is pretty major to the likely next huge storyline to be brought onto the show.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the AMC series has added Cassady McClincy (Love, Simonin the key recurring role of Lydia.

The character is the daughter of Alpha (played by Samantha Morton) who in the comics is thethe leader of a deadly and scary group known as the Whisperers. Unlike Negan and the Saviors or others who are just humans that took advantage of this world, the Whisperers blended into the world by casting aside much of their humanity and wrapped themselves in the skin of the dead/walkers so that they can blend in and just live out in the world.

Also in the comics run Lydia ends up becoming involved with Carl Grimes and stays among humanity to be with him, but that isn’t going to happen in the series since Carl met an untimely end after being bit by a walker in season eight as actor Chandler Riggs departed the series.

At the same time Carl’s father Rick, who plays a huge part in the comics version of the storylines leading up to a confrontation with the Whisperers will be leaving very soon as well as Andrew Lincoln is set to depart the series at some point during season nine. Lauren Cohanis also set to depart the series and her character Maggie Rhee, the leader of the Hilltop, is also one that plays a huge part of the Whisperers storyline and beyond in the comics.

Season nine also has a brand new showrunner Angela Kang who comes aboard a series that is leaping forward in time and moving beyond the conflict with Negan and the Saviors and dealing with what comes next.

How the series will handle these new storylines and plots without Rick, Carl and Maggie remains to be seen.


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