Silver Surfer & Namor the Submariner join the Hulk with “The Best Defense” teasers from Marvel

With these teasers 3/4 of the oringal classic Defenders line-up is complete. Are they getting a revival series?


After dropping a teaser with the Hulk and the caption “The Best Defense,” Marvel has dropped two more teasers that seem to indicate the idea of a classic Defenders return is more than likely.

Namor and Silver Surfer, founding members of the Defenders alongside Hulk and Doctor Strange, have now both gotten teasers with the same “The Best Defense” caption both from artist Ron Garney and Colorist Richard Isanove like the first teaser.


The original incarnation of the team debuted in Marvel Feature #1 in December 1971 and over the years have reunited at different times in different variations for the team around others who have claimed the name of the team that wasn’t a team.

Recently Marvel featured a more street-level version of the team that matched the Netflix show version with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil and Iron Fist but that series came to an end when writer Brian Michael Bendis decided to move to DC Comics late last year.

Stay tuned for more teasers and information.


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