Marvel announces the creative team & debut month for Conan the Barbarian series

Conan makes his big return to Marvel with an all-star team of creatives to lead him on brand new adventures.


Conan the Barbarian is returning to Marvel Comics in 2019, and he’ll have some big names helping with that return. Since announcing the return months ago, Marvel has been relatively quiet about the return but now they have revealed that the creative team of writer Jason Aaron, artist Mahmud Asrar, colorist Matthew Wilson and cover artist Esad Ribic will handle the new adventures of the Cimmerian sword-swinging hero.

“I’ve literally been preparing for this job since I was 13 and discovered my first Robert E. Howard Conan paperback in a used bookstore in my little hometown of Jasper, Alabama,” said Aaron. “I devoured every Howard book I could find after that, and I’ve been making up Conan stories in my head ever since. Now I finally get to do that for real, alongside the amazing Mahmud Asrar. So this opportunity means an awful lot to me, and I’m cherishing every blood-splattered, spider-haunted second of it.”

Marvel was the original home of Conan until the license was removed and jumped over to Dark Horse Comics.

“The big initial arc we’re doing in this new series is very much done in reverence to Robert E. Howard and those original stories,” explains the writer. “One of the things that initially pulled me into the character was the fact that with each story, Howard jumped to a different point in Conan’s life, where he was in a different setting, interacting with different characters and living a very different life. I loved the grand and epic scope of Conan’s overall journey, and so for this new series, instead of picking just one period from Conan’s life and doing stories set only within that, our opening 12-issue arc will thread together many different periods and aspects of Conan’s journey, from Cimmeria to Aquilonia and beyond. That’s why this story is called ‘The Life and Death of Conan.'”


Asrar and Aaron previously worked together on another iconic character that is familiar with swords and sorcery as they handled the 2017 Generations one-shot featuring both the Odinson Thor and Jane Foster Thor.

“Conan is the epitome of an indomitable barbarian and that has fascinated me as a kid growing up reading his stories. What made me stay for the ride was the amazing art on the Conan books throughout the years. So many great artists to name but I can’t tell you how influential John Buscema and his Conan art was for me. It was the first artist I knew the name of as a kid and started intentionally seeking out,” Asrar said. “Now, years later, I get the chance to draw the book myself and do it with the amazing Jason Aaron. I couldn’t be happier to tell epic new tales of the Cimmerian—to continue the legacy that will hopefully make a mark on readers, just like the original comics did for me.”

Conan the Barbarian #1 will begin the new adventures of this iconic character in January.


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