James Bond 25 reportedly could be delayed as studio deals with departure of director Danny Boyle

The depature of the film's director could seemingly have a domino effect upon the latest entry of the long running franchise.

James Bond

As one would expect, the loss of a director is not going to make the path to the big screen smooth for the latest James Bond story. With the recent departure of director Danny Boyle, the 25th James Bond film looks to have potentially run into a big delay.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, sources have informed them that the film very well could be moving away from it’s current November 08, 2019 release date and may not arrive until sometime in late 2020. With the film reportedly having been set to begin production in three months time it makes sense a delay could be on the way.

Part of that delay could be connected to the script. According to Variety, there are reports that MGM & Eon are not just looking for a director for hire to replace Boyle as is but are looking to find a writer or a writer-director to come in and take the film back to the drawing board as a whole. That would seem to indicate that the producers are not only scrapping the Boyle & John Hodge script that was going to be used but also the previously dismissed script from the previous Bond writing team of Neal Purvis and Robert Wade.

The late 2020 possibility fits with not only the possibility of a new script being written but also the fact that Bond films have not generally been summertime releases, many of the last handful of them fitting comfortably into a fall release schedule.

There is no guarantee right now that the film is officially moving, but the chances seem likely that such a move could be made sometime soon depending on how the search process for Boyle’s replacement goes.


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