DC Comics shares the traumatic moments of heroes for Ryan Sook’s Heroes In Crisis variant covers

Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and more will have some of their worst moments showcased on the series variant covers.

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Superheroes live a dangerous life and many of the adventures they have encountered have left their mark on the heroes, no matter if they won the day in the end or not. That is the main focus of the upcoming DC Comics series Heroes in Crisis from Tom King and Clay Mann, which introduces the Sanctuary as a place where heroes can go to deal with the traumas they have faced.

As part of the series, DC has unveiled variant covers by Ryan Sook that will focus on some of the worst traumas that the biggest of DC heroes have faced in their long histories. Starting with issue #1 each of Sook’s covers will cover a trama from the lives of Superman, Wonder Woman,  Green Lantern and more in the style of case files that could be found in Sanctuary’s archives.

“I think these momentous occasions fit so naturally into the scope of the project as a whole. Many devoted readers know these events, but even new readers can instantly connect to them or may be aware of them already. Like the death of Superman or Batman’s back being broken—these defining moments have already come out in other media like film, animation and games, because they arelasting, character-defining moments. They go beyond the comic book page into something human that we can all relate to. It’s what makes the series so compelling, to see how the heroes have to deal with [trauma],” Sook said.


While DC has only shown off three of the covers, they have announced what the trauma topics of the other covers will be.

  • Heroes in Crisis #1: The Death of Superman
  • Heroes in Crisis #2: Bane breaking Batman’s back
  • Heroes in Crisis #3: Wonder Woman killing Maxwell Lord
  • Heroes in Crisis# 4: Aquaman losing his hand
  • Heroes in Crisis #5: The death of Jason Todd
  • Heroes in Crisis #6: Hal Jordan killing Kilowog
  • Heroes in Crisis #7: A yet-to-be-announced Harley Quinn moment

Heroes in Crisis #1 arrives in comic shops on September 26.



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