Marvel’s Jessica Jones showrunner & developer Mellisa Rosenberg exits for a hefty deal with Warner Bros. TV

Following the in-development third season of Jessica Jones, Rosenberg will head over to begin developing series for Warner Bros.

Jessica Jones

Some big changes are in store for Marvel and Netflix’s Marvel’s Jessica Jonesshould the series end up getting another season after the upcoming third. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Mellisa Rosenberg, the showrunner and developer of the series for the platform, is set to leave the world of Netflix behind for Warner Bros.

Rosenberg’s departure will come after she wraps work on season three of Jessica Jonesand while Netflix had hoped to keep her working alongside them they were outbid by Warner Bros. for a deal that will ultimately be worth something in the eight-figure range. This multi-year deal will have Rosenberg creating and developing new projects for Warner Bros. Television. Should the series gain a season four and find a new showrunner, Rosenberg will remain credited as the show’s creator and executive producer.

“All of my attention remains with the extraordinary cast, writers and production team of Marvel’s Jessica Jones, until the completion of season three,” Rosenberg said. “It continues to be a career highlight working with my partners at Marvel Television and Netflix. We’re extraordinarily grateful to the viewers who have supported us every step of the way on Jessica’s journey, which is so beautifully realized by Krysten Ritter and the amazing cast including Rachael Taylor, Eka Darville and Carrie-Anne Moss. We have so many talented storytellers in every area of this show, who I’m honored to call friends and collaborators. As I look ahead after this season, I’m thrilled that I will be able to explore new projects with the talented team at Warner Bros. Television and push myself in new challenging creative directions.”

As of late Netflix had been scoring heavily against other traditional networks as they were able to sign deals to lure Shonda Rhimes away from ABC and Ryan Murphy from Fox among others with hefty deals. Under Rosenberg, Jessica Jones was a critically acclaimed series that won a Peabody Award and before that she worked on other hit shows including Dexter, Ally McBeal, The O.C., Party of Five and wrote screenplays for all five of the Twilight films.

The move comes at a time when truly the future of the Marvel Netflix shows is not fully known because of the fact that Disney is about to launch their very own streaming platform that will be home to all things Disney which includes Marvel programs. The Netflix shows will remain there (since they helped produce and create them) but whether the shows keep continuing past the seasons already in development or about to air isn’t known.

Marvel’s Luke Cage just finished its second season with Marvel’s Iron Fist season two about to arrive in September and the second season of Marvel’s The Punihserand third seasons of Marvel’s Daredevil Marvel’s Jessica Jones in the pipeline at some points in the near future.



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