Kevin Smith set to kick off DC Daily, the new daily news show for the DC Universe streaming platform

Smith will lead a livestreamed launch of the show before it fully debuts on the DC Universe platform this fall.

DC Daily

Alongside all the original shows and library of previous films & shows and comic books, Warner Bros.’ DC Universe streaming platform is also coming with its own daily news show.

As announced by DC Entertainment, the new series DC Daily will debut a special live-streamed episode on August 29 at 4:30 P.M. PT hosted by writer, director and comic book fan Kevin Smith who will show off the show’s format, sets and exclusive content as well as an in-depth look at DC Universe the platform itself. This kickoff will be live-streamed through FacebookTwitch, and YouTube.

The full show will launch in fall 2018 alongside the platform and will be the exclusive place to see much of DC Daily‘s content but DC fans will be able to go to YouTube for DC Daily’s Headlines segment once the show debuts. DC Daily replaces the current DC News related series DC All Access which has been running since 2013.

The series description: DC Daily will offer DC UNIVERSE members an added depth of news content that ties back to the original series, comics, and community on the new service launching this Fall. DC Daily will be hosted by a variety of faces familiar to DC fans, with special guests and other co-hosts joining the daily cast. Currently the DC Daily format is scheduled to include ‘Headlines,’ a run-down of daily news briefs; ‘Reports,’ a single-topic segment that may feature an in-depth interview or deep dive into an upcoming book, film or series; and ‘Talk,’ a panel discussion including in-depth analysis about today’s hottest topics and news, which will be exclusively available only to DC UNIVERSE members via the subscription service.

All of the show will be filmed on a brand new 2,100 square foot set build solely for the series in the Warner Bros. Digital Networks studio location in Burbank, California.

DC Daily fully launches on the DC Universe platform this fall.



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