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Fourth walls are broken as Deadpool pauses the Deadpool 2 Honest Trailer to give Honest Trailers an Honest Trailer

The Merc with a Mouth arrives to turn the tables on the Honest Trailers team as they take on his recent sequel.

Deadpool 2 Poster featured

When it comes to sequels, the people behind them have to make sure to balance having things that the fans loved about the first film(s) in the series while also offering up lots of new stuff that isn’t just rehashing what they previously did. The crew behind Deadpool 2 achieved this by presenting a film that was bigger in scope but was just as fun, funny and heartfelt as the first entry.

And the folks at Screen Junkies also achieved this with their latest Honest Trailers entry which focuses on Deadpool 2but instead of just rehashing what they did for the first film they got Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds really of course) back and this time he gave Screen Junkies a taste of their own medicine by doing the Honest Trailer for Honest Trailers. 

Strap yourselves in for the trademark fourth-wall breaking & sarcasm of Deadpool along with the signature poking at films of the Screen Junkies crew.

Perhaps Deadpool has found himself a new career, helping take a poke at pop culture on YouTube. I’m sure he’d fit right in.


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