Bryan Edward Hill & Dexter Soy launch a brand new Batman and the Outsiders series in December

Batman, Black Lightning and Katana are together once more with a brand new team ready to get to work.

Batman and the Outsiders 01 Featured

In December, DC Comic’s Outsiders will rise once more. Following an appearance in the most recent arc of Detective ComicsBatman’s team that handles things the Justice League cannot is ready for their very own series.

As reported in the Washington Post, writer Bryan Edward Hill (who wrote the Detective Comics arc mentioned above) and Dexter Soy will launch a brand new Batman and the Outsiders series in December starring the same cast from the Detective Comics arc. That cast includes Batman and former Outsiders members Black Lightning and Katana as well as Batman’s recent sidekicks The Orphan (Cassandra Cain who was once Batgirl in the old continuity) and the Signal. Issue #1 comes with a Tyler Kirkham cover.

“All I’ll say is, it is a team book with Batman in it, but the safety is off,” Hill said. “Hopefully it will be surprising and thrilling in ways that I don’t think people will quite expect. I’m becoming known a bit for a certain kind of intensity in my work and I think this Outsiders project will also continue on in that pathway.”

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DC Senior Editor Chris Conway confirmed on Twitter that the series arrives in December.

Hill’s work with these characters began with Detective Comics #983 and concludes with the just-released Detective Comics #987an arc that sets up these characters and potentially where the new series might go.