Danny Boyle has exited as director of James Bond 25 over creative differences

It wasn't any of his many foes that brought James Bond any pause, turns out that was creative differences

James Bond

It’s been a pretty steep uphill roller coaster ride when it comes to the James Bond franchise the last few years. After Spectre didn’t recapture the love of audiences and critics like Skyfall, the long search for a director coming to an end and Daniel Craig signing back on after saying he’d rather slash his wrists than play the part again, it seemed like all things were in place for the 25th film in the series.

That’s not so much the case any longer.

As reported on the official James Bond Twitter account, director Danny Boyle is no longer attached to the project because of the usual culprit in these situations, creative differences. Series producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli and star Craig were named as making the announcement in the statement.

Fans of most of these big franchises and cinematic worlds of film as of late are becoming very familiar with that term of creative differences, as it’s generally the given reason for many of the director, star or writer departures.

A new search will seemingly begin, most likely it already had begun even before making Boyle’s depature public, to find someone to lead this film towards the big screen. As more and more rumors swirl about the future (including the return of the Idris Elba as Bond rumors) and more people begin to call for changes to the series to make it relevant once more (not so stuck in the archaic past as well) there is no telling what might come of this film that has been struggling to get off the ground.


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