Brent Spiner exits and Bruce Boxleitner steps into Supergirl season four role

Scheduling issues led to the Star Trek veterans departure and replacement in the role of vice-president.


A whole new vice-president will make their presence felt in season four of The CW’s Supergirl later this year. Just a few weeks after being announced in the role, former Star Trek veteran Brent Spiner has departed the superhero series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, scheduling issues surrounding a family matter led to Spiner having to step away from the recurring role of Vice-President Baker but the role has already been filled as the producers turned to Babylon 5 Tron actor Bruce Boxleitner.

Not much is known about the role other than Baker is described as “adept and politically minded, an unlikely leader who steps up in a big way up when his country needs him most.” The previous trailer and some season information have spoken to the fact that Sam Witwer’s character Agent Liberty is leading a crusade against any aliens being on the planet after some of the issues that have come from some of the more villainous aliens the past few seasons. Whether Baker will be pro or against this sort of crusade remains to be seen but likely whichever direction he goes has to do with the aforementioned stepping up.

Lynda Carter (Wonder Womanis returning to the series in the role of President Olivia Marsdin which likely is also connected to the Baker stepping up note as well as Agent Liberty’s crusade, especially since Marsdin was secretly revealed to be a member of the shape-shifting alien race known as the Durlan’s back in season two.

Supergirl returns on October 14, moving this season to anchor The CW’s renewed Sunday programming.


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