The Flash season five episode titles hint at possible heartbreak for Team Flash

Family, new villains and the possible loss of one of their own are part of just the first six episodes of The CW shows new season.

Flash Season Five Featured

Life was full of absolute highs and some devastating lows for Barry Allen and friends in season four of The Flash. That isn’t going to change anytime soon with season five.

According to, the first six episode titles for the season showcase some possible triumphs and defeats that could be hitting Team Flash including the possible loss of one of their own, a major fan favorite. After the first episode “Nora” which appears to be focused upon diving into the story of Barry & Iris’s future daughter Nora West-Allen, the third episode carries the much more ominous title of “The Death of Vibe.” 

The six titles are:

The Flash – Episode 5.01 – Nora
The Flash – Episode 5.02 – Blocked
The Flash – Episode 5.03 – The Death of Vibe
The Flash – Episode 5.04 – News Flash
The Flash – Episode 5.05 – All Doll’d Up
The Flash – Episode 5.06 – The Icicle Cometh

Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) has been a staple of The Flash since the very beginning as Barry’s best friend and the very heart of Team Flash. Originally he served in the role of scientific support to the speedster but along the way, he gained powers and became a champion in his own right out in the field alongside the Flash. Even the possibility of his loss would not only take a giant chunk out of this team but could very well destroy them.

Among the episode, titles are references to the debut of DC Villains into The CW DC Universe including Rag Doll and Icicle.

The Flash returns on October 09.





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