Miles Morales & the Champions focus on gun violence & school shootings in Champions #24

This issue continues the title's mission statement to tackle heavier realistic issues rather than just superpowered brawls.

Champions 24 Featured

Gun violence and school shootings have become all too common in the United States and it’s a heated topic of debate in this divided time in the nation. With an upcoming, one of Marvel’s team of young heroes will tackle this issue head-on.

As reported by NewsaramaChampions #24 from the regular creative team led by Jim Zub and Sean Izaakse will take on gun violence and school shootings with a story that has Miles Morales/Spider-Man right at the center.

“Earlier this year, I started talking to Tom Brevoort about writing a Champions issue on the effect of gun violence in schools. Marvel has always strived to deliver ‘the world outside our window’ and this was too big a topic to ignore,” series writer Jim Zub told Newsarama. “Centered on Miles Morales, the story is about a tragedy and the trauma that ripples outward from senseless violence – and the people that come together to support each other to build a better future, which is the heart of every Champions story. I’m incredibly proud of everyone’s work on this issue, and I’m thankful we were given the chance to tell this story.”

Champions 24

Marvel’s previously released solicitation for the issue read: “The Champions grapple with a foe that all the super-powers in the world cannot vanquish!” Back when the series launched in 2017 part of Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos sought to do with the series was not just fling the young heroes against villains but to have them tackle issues that there is no easy fix for, and this definitely fits that mold.

A brand new cover from Izaakse replaces the one from R.B. Silva that originally ran alongside the issue’s solicitation.

Champions #24 arrives on September 12.



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