Disney is reportedly sticking to the decision to fire James Gunn

Despite audience outcry and support of the entire Guardians cast, James Gunn won't be rehired by Disney

GOTG Vol 2

After almost a month, the saga between James Gunn and Disney has seemingly come to a conclusion. Gunn was fired by Disney back in July after right-wing conspiracy theorists dug up old tweets of Gunn’s that made jokes out of sensitive matters. There were reports that Disney was engaged in exit talks with Gunn and that there were some people still in his corner including the cast of the Guardians of the Galaxy films who all signed a statement in support of their director and Dave Bautista even going so far as to saying he’d quit if Disney also scrapped Gunn’s script for the film.

According to Variety, there is no chance of Gunn being reinstated despite all the support of cast and audiences that wanted the director back as reportedly even after a meeting between Gunn and Disney Chairman Alan Horn the studio heads are choosing not to reinstate the director.

Support for Gunn has been rampant online since his firing, as many including the cast noted how the director had apologized for these tweets when they first surfaced years ago and had worked in the last almost decade to be a better person. His vocal anti-Trump statements are what made him the target of those that dug up his tweets again recently.

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige was reportedly out of town and could not be therefore the meeting, and also reportedly he was someone that was against the firing and wanted Gunn back. Feige is seen as the top of the powerhouse architects that created the MCU, and his backing would likely mean a lot if he had been able to be there.

What this means for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is unclear as this was meant to be the capper to Gunn’s trilogy and he had finished a script in recent months with production meant to begin within the start of the new year for a 2020 release. That seems to be something that won’t be happening now as Disney will have to find a director for the film.

A director that is going to come under a lot of scrutiny and likely be the focus of many fans ire now that Gunn is fully out of the picture. Finding someone that is willing to step into that sort of focus is likely not going to be easy and in the unlikely chance of no one being found (someone will be likely willing to take work) it could even lead to the film being scrapped.

There were reports that Disney could be looking to keep Gunn around to do some other Disney/Marvel film, as other studios are circling around ready to pluck up the director once his exit from Marvel is complete, but that seems possibly unlikely at this point.


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