Say hello to the new rivals of the Fantastic Four, the Fantastix

They say you can't go home again and that's true for the Fantastic Four as a new super group is calling the Baxter Building home

Fantastix Featured

After a few years off the grid, the Fantastic Four have recently returned to the Marvel Universe in their own title once more from Dan Slott and Sara Pichelli. A lot of things have changed since half the team vanished off into the multiverse following the 2015 event Secret WarsVery soon the team will learn just how much some things have changed.

On the latest episode of This Week In Marvel, Executive Editor Tom Brevoort revealed that beginning in Fantastic Four #4 the team will come back fully to Earth and try to return to their iconic headquarters in the Baxter Building only to find out a brand new team has taken up residence there. That team is another group of supers that goes by the name the Fantastix, and they will be new rivals for the first family of Marvel.

“As we get back to things down on Earth, we introduce a new team of Super Heroes who are operating out of the Baxter Building who are surprised when the Fantastic Four show up on the doorstep, thinking that they still have the rent on the place,” Brevoort said.


While Reed & Sue and their children were away fixing the Multiverse, Dan Slott’s Amazing Spider-Man found Peter Parker/Spider-Man becoming the wealthy CEO of a company (thanks to the time where Doctor Octopus took over his body) and he purchased the Baxter Building as one of his headquarters and as he told Johnny Storm/the Human Torch he did so in order to ‘keep the building in the family’ in a sense. Problem was, once his company was destroyed in the aftermath of actions to save it and others in it during Secret EmpirePeter lost control of the building and it was sold off to a new buyer.

A new buyer that it seems wanted to keep up the part of it housing super heroes.

Who this new team is and what their goals are and how they’ll interact with the Fantastic Four remains to be seen.

Fantastic Four #4 arrives on November 28.


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