Star Trek 4 suffers a setback as Chris Pine & Chris Hemsworth contract talks reportedly fall apart

Both Chrises were set to return as James and George Kirk for the fourth film in the franchise but now those returns aren't so certain

Star Trek Beyond

The USS Enterprise of the rebooted Star Trek film franchise is getting closer to going boldly where no one has gone before, but it might not have its usual captain in place. As everything else is coming together, two major deals for the cast have fallen apart.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Chris Pine who plays Captain James T. Kirk and Chris Hemsworth who was to reprise his role as Kirk’s father George Kirk who perished in 2009’s Star Trek have failed to reach deals with Paramount Pictures and Skydance Media for Star Trek 4. In fact, all parties reportedly have walked fully away from the negotiation table after failing to reach a deal.

This could affect the film overall as dealmaking with other members of the cast Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg and John Cho were expected to begin after they locked down the Chrises.

Reportedly the issue boils down to money with Pine and Hemsworth saying they want the studio to stick to existing deals that they claim the studio is reneging on, wanting the actors to take a pay cut with the studio reportedly contending that the film needs to stick to a budget line as it’s not the size of other big franchises. Since starring in the first film, both Chrises have blown up in Hollywood status with their headlining roles in Marvel and DC films among many others.

Star Trek as a film franchise is coming off of a sequel to the original film that was successful but very panned by critics and audiences alike and a third film in the franchise that did not make the sort of money of its predecessors.

Everything had seemed to be set in 2016 as Paramount had announced a fourth film plan using time travel to reunite father and son Kirk with Hemsworth announced as on board and Pine reported as having signed a new contract to return to the franchise. Which makes this negotiation issue even stranger overall.

Back in April, it was announced that S.J. Clarkson was going to direct the fourth Star Trek film, making her the first woman to helm the film portion of the franchise. With all the contracts of the core cast seemingly in a state of limbo right now, the state of this entire film is questionable for now.


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