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Rockstar Games unleashes six-minutes of Red Dead Redemption gameplay

Return to the west as the prequel game ups the ante and evolves Rockstar's open-world landscape.

That long wait full of anticipation to return to the seemingly lawless days of America in Rockstar Games’ open-world western is almost over. With the launch of the game just a few months away, Rockstar has debuted a full six-minute official gameplay trailer for Red Dead Redemption II. 

A prequel adventure, Red Dead Redemption II follows Arthur Morgan, a member of the Van der Linde gang, after a botched bank robbery and the beginning of the end of the Wild West era. Law enforcement is hunting down outlaws and forcing them to surrender or die, laying out the building blocks that lead to the state of things in the very first game, with former protagonist John Marston appearing in this game as well during his days as a member of the Van der Linde gang.

As one would expect from a new game in a series, especially one on a new generation of game systems, Red Dead Redemption II is full of improvements upon the first game that appears to make it even bigger & more immersive than the first game that won over many gamers.

Unlike the last game where Marston was mostly on the side of the law, as Morgan you are an outlaw. This leads to being part of a roaming gang that works out of a camp where you can pick up missions and keeps up the morale of other camp members through various activities. Friendships or enemy relationships can be formed and just like before you can choose to be an honorable person or not with various options even the chance to easily defuse fights rather than engaging. All of your actions will be remembered, leading to changes in relationships or encounters along the way.

This also includes a revamping of the fighting system and weapons that appear to factor in more realistic reloading and recoil as well as a far more in-depth system for the horses this time. They can be fed and groomed and a bond can grow between the character and the horse allowing for the horse to gain better stats over time and be easier to control should they become spooked.

Red Dead Redemption II arrives on PlayStation 4 & Xbox One on October 26.


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