DC Comics teases the upcoming death of one of six characters

This September, the story of one of these six characters will come to an end for the time being.

DC Nation 04 Featured

The specter of death hovers over six of DC Comics heroic and mostly heroic characters. The cover for the fourth issue of DC Comics promotional magazine DC Nation has been revealed, and features an image with Arsenal, Booster Gold, Cyborg, Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), Harley Quinn and Robin with the promise that “in 21 days one of these characters dies.”

Arriving on September 05, the 21 days on the cover would end up being September 26 which is also exactly the day that the first issue of Tom King and Clay Mann’s Heroes in Crisis limited series debuts its first issue. Reportedly the series kicks off with a mass shooting in the Sanctuary, a center where heroes and villain go to deal with their PTSD and other issues anonymously, which will kill off multiple heroes.

DC Nation 04

Booster Gold and Harley have been billed in teases and solicitations as the suspects in this attack, making their likelihood as the killed off character slimmer. Cyborg is a major part of two Justice League teams and Red Robin was believed dead before (he was actually imprisoned outside time & space by Mr. Oz) but that doesn’t rule either one out. Unfortunately for Kyle and Roy (Arsenal) their chances of being the ones to die are higher as neither character has a book or team at the moment and their deaths would be devastating to lots of other heroes (both are well connected) and to fans as well.

Since there is a mass shooting in the first issue there are more characters than on this cover that will likely be injured or killed, meaning, either way, there could be characters lost that fans like.

Death is an interesting topic in comic books in recent times as it has a habit of not sticking for most characters, their returns usually coming a few years after their death with some magical or technological or other methods employed to bring them back.

So who will die in September, how it affects others, how it guides the story and how long it will last are likely to be big topics for the next few months.

(Via: Comic Book Resources)


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