Disney’s looking to use James Gunn’s Guardians 3 script following his firing as other studios want to court the director

As Gunn & Disney negotiate his exit as reports surface of other studios interest & even another possible Marvel film for the director

GOTG Vol 2

The ongoing saga that began when Disney fired James Gunn on July 20 continues to take new turns almost daily. Despite right-wing efforts to seemingly topple the anti-Trump director by digging up old tweets (tweets known about by Disney & apologized for by Gunn almost a decade ago), the director is still in high demand.

According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, while Gunn is going through the exit negotiation process with Disney following Disney CEO Alan Horn’s firing of Gunn there are various high profile studios that are looking at the director to possibly helm big films for them once he’s fully free from Disney. Public support of the director has been exceptionally high as of late and the entire cast of the Guardians of the Galaxy films coming out in support of their director with Dave Bautista even talking about potentially quitting should the studio decide to ax Gunn’s script for the third film in the franchise.

While he was fired, Gunn still can’t take other work yet as they negotiate his exit. Since the tweets came before his time officially working for Disney Gunn was not in violation of his contract which begs the question of how much the studio must pay him, reportedly it could be a payout of up to $7 or $10 million or even more. This is also complicated by the fact that the studio is reportedly set on using his script for the third film.

It gets even more bizarre and complicated from there possibly. The same report states that while Gunn is still fired from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 there are hopes and talks from the studio about him returning to them in another way to maybe even develop or direct another Marvel film/franchise.

If true, that essentially would come off as the studio reacting to these right-wing tweets and some backlash (causing an even bigger backlash by firing him) but also stashing him aside till things blow over to do something else for them while denying him the ability to finish the trilogy that he began. It’s not likely to buy Disney any more favor back from many in the audience that are already quite upset with the moves that the studio has made in this matter so far.

“An end-all verdict hasn’t been issued and conversations with Marvel are still ongoing,” a source told THR.

There is still that chance that Disney could course correct and re-hire Gunn to finish his trilogy, but as of now, the situation continues to evolve and shift on a regular basis.


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