Sony Pictures reportedly hires a screenwriter for Kraven the Hunter film

Spider-Man's hunter foe is one step closer to gaining his very own big screen solo adventure

Kraven the Hunter

After making a deal that saw Spider-Man swing into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sony Pictures is slowly making their own Spider-Man related universe once more but this time without Spider-Man within it. Venom kicks off these movies this fall and now another of the villains/foes/antagonists of the web-slinging hero looks poised to move forward film wise.

Following up his recent Equalizser 2 turn writer Richard Wenk is reportedly set to be writing the script for a Kraven the Hunter stand alone film, according to Collider. Kraven was one of multiple characters including Mysterio that The Hollywood Reporter reported the studio was considering giving films to.

In the comics, Sergei Kravinoff, the real name of Kraven, is the half-brother of villain Chameleon and is generally one of the better known Spider-Man villains including tending to be part of the Sinister Six or other such villain groups in most media adaptations of Spider-Man’s world. For years he’s hunted Spider-Man as the “ultimate game” leading up to the most famous story with the character Kraven’s Last Hunt where he achieved his goal and became the Spider and then committed suicide. He remained dead for a long time, only returning to the world in the late 2000s during the Brand New Day era of the Spider-Man titles.

Without Spider-Man it’s hard to say what the story will be with Kraven as he’s not an anti-hero or heroic usually in any sense. He’s a hunter. In the comics, he doesn’t have to plague Spider-Man all the time because he has expanded over the years and tries to hunt other characters, recently even kidnapping and trying to hunt the alternate dimension aged Wolverine known as Old Man Logan.

Kraven now joins the stuck in development Silver and Black (which features Silver Sable and Black Cat) along with a Morbius the Living Vampire film that reportedly will star Jared Leto with Daniel Espinosa directing. So far Venom is the only film that for sure will be coming to theaters, with the others in various stages of development.

The fate of this Spider-Manless universe is right now heavily resting upon the shoulders of Venombecause if audiences don’t turn in for the film that features the most well known of Spider-Man’s foes among the ones being used here it might be hard to get them to show up for films featuring more of the web-slinger’s rogues.

One day they might be able to wrap Spider-Man back into these films but for the moment that’s not possible since Tom Holland’s webhead is firmly in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has two more solo films reportedly before the deal with Marvel and Sony will either end or be re-negotiated.

Kraven has no release date at the moment.



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