Director Scott Derrickson hints at Doctor Strange 2 news this fall

After a cameo & team-up with other heroes, Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme could at last be getting a sequel

Doctor Strange Poster 3 FEatured

All the way back in 2016, Benedict Cumberbatch made his first appearances as the master of the mystical arts that is Doctor Strange in the film of the same name. Since then Cumberbatch has appeared in a cameo during Thor: Ragnarok and fought alongside the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes in Avengers: Infinity War

Questions have been thrown around since then about a potential Doctor Strange sequel and while Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has kept the cards close to his vest about what will happen post the upcoming Avengers 4we have been given assurances that such a film is on the way.

Now thanks to director Scott Derrickson, we’ve gotten the biggest hint about a sequel so far.

On his Instagram, the Doctor Strange director shared a comic book image of the sorcerer supreme with the caption ““Not my will, but thine be done…” See you in September.”

What that last part means is unclear as it could mean an announcement is on the way in September or production begins in September, but overall the image seems to indicate that something is on the way. Derrickson even responded to comments to the image with “I don’t tease.”

Currently the last films that are assured for the MCU include March’s Captain Marvel, May’s Avengers 4 and the only phase 4 film to have a guaranteed date is Spider-Man: Far From Home with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 03 in a vague place both release date wise and now director-wise

Last year Feige revealed that the studio had around 20-something films in various stages of development for beyond Avengers 4 which makes it all but clear and inevitable that we’ll be hearing soon about sequels for Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel and probably even Ant-Man/Wasp along with official confirmation on the Black Widow & Eternals films and whatever else Marvel has cooking up behind the scenes.


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