Patty Jenkins shares Wonder Woman 1984 image featuring Pedro Pascal

Who the actor is playing is still a major mystery but the image gives us a first look at his upcoming role.

Wonder Woman 84

When it comes to Warner Bros. upcoming Wonder Woman 1984there are a lot of unanswered questions and mysteries surrounding the film. What’s Diana been up to since walking away after World War I? How is Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor back? Who is the villain? Etc, etc, etc.

As it’s just really getting into production there isn’t a lot of light that can be shed on those mysteries especially when they’re looking to avoid spoilers. Director Patty Jenkins and company though have been keeping folks interest peaked through released photos or tidbits about the film and the latest one just adds to the mystery pile.

Many have been asking who Pedro Pascal (Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Equalizer IIwill be playing in the film, many suspecting some type of villain, and while Jenkins doesn’t answer that question she has shared a new photo on Twitter of him in character that at least lets us know what he’ll look like on screen. Literally on screen, since his character is seen through a television screen in the image.

There isn’t a lot to go by in the image but it would seem he’s someone of some importance and likely has some wealth based upon just his sort of expensive look about him. Hard to say if the villain speculation is fully true, but there’s definitely a bit of a ‘I could potentially turn out to be a villain’ sort of vibe around the image.

Wonder Woman 1984a film that Jenkins has called not a sequel but a spiritual successor, also stars Gal Gadot, Pine, Kristen Wiig and more and opens on November 1, 2019.



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