Marvel’s Iron Fist reportedly will only have ten episodes

Iron Fist's sophomore season looks to be the first of the Netflix main Marvel shows to have a shorter season.

Iron Fist S2

One critique that has pretty much followed each of the Marvel Netflix series over the years is one about season length. Each show has had fans & critics alike talking about how there were episodes in the thirteen-count that could have potentially been cut in order to tighten up the season. Marvel’s The Defenders tested this out sort of with just eight episodes but that doesn’t count as much since it was made to be an event mini-series rather than one of the normal shows.

After all the rumors, it looks like the second season of Marvel’s Iron Fist will finally give audiences one of those shorter seasons. As reported by MCX Exchange, the episode order has been released for the show and there are only ten episodes listed instead of the typical thirteen.

The episodes for the season are:

  • The Fury of the Iron Fist
  • The City’s Not For Burning
  • This Deadly Secret
  • Target: Iron Fist
  • Heart of the Dragon
  • The Dragon Dies At Dawn
  • Morning of the Mindstorm
  • Citadel on the Edge of Vengeance
  • War Without End
  • A Duel of Iron

A cut episode order should not automatically make anyone think that the studios have less faith in this series after the first season that was not anywhere near as well received as their other offerings. Instead, this could be a sign that they actually have more faith in the show as they listened to criticisms and offered up a potentially tighter and more focused season that won’t be one that feels like it has filler as all the shows tend to have with the higher episode count.

Three fewer episodes could have helped all of the previous seasons of the Marvel/Netflix shows as they all had at least one to two or more filler episodes that should have just been combined or axed before they hurt the flow of the show.

Iron Fist season two could serve as an experiment in order to see if shorter seasons will work better for these shows and potentially lead to a more well-received outing. With Disney’s own streaming platform on the way, it would behoove Marvel and Netflix to keep the quality of these shows delivering if they want to continue to work together once Disney takes all their streaming content back in 2019.

Starring Finn Jones, Jessica Henwick, Sacha Dhawan, Tom Pelphrey, Jessica Stroup, Simone Missick and Alice Eve, Marvel’s Iron Fist drops its second season on September 07.


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