Emma Thompson returns as Agent O for Men in Black spinoff

Thompson's return adds a veteran presence into the spinoff that will revive the franchise

Men In Black III

While Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones aren’t donning the black suits and Raybans again anytime soon, there will be a familiar face in the upcoming Sony Men In Black spinoff film. Emma Thompson is set to return to reprise her Men in Black role as Agent O the chief of the Men in Black organization, according to The Hollywood Reporter. 

Thompson will join Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson who will headline this new film that is hoped to revive the series. She played Agent O in just 2012 sequel, stepping in as the new MIB boss after Rip Torn could not return to reprise his role of MIB Chief Zed from the first two films.

The still-untitled Men in Black spinoff will be directed by Straight Outta Compton Fate of the Furious director F. Gary Gray and will expand the alien watching & enforcement groups’ adventures to a global level with the new MIB agents and faction rumored to be working out of London. There are no plot or character details right now but Liam Neeson, Kumail Nanjiani, and Rafe Spall are all part of the cast as well.

Currently, the film is set to arrive on June 14, 2019.



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