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After eight years, the Locke & Key adaptation is moving forward as Netflix gives it a series order

A long journey from the pages of comics to the screen is now complete for the Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez series.

Locke & Key

Two months after news dropped that Netflix was contemplating picking up an adaptation of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez’s Locke & Key, the series eight-year journey to a screen is finally over. The streaming giant has officially picked up the series, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, beginning with a 10-episode season of hour-long episodes.

Netflix came into the picture in May a few weeks after Hulu decided to pass on a pilot. Eight years ago the development of an adaptation began with Fox with a pilot from Josh Friedman that the network passed on before Universal grabbed rights to make a feature film that never panned out.

Rodríguez & Hill’s comic series focuses on three siblings who end up moving to their ancestral home in Maine with their mother (O’Connor) after the gruesome murder of their father. They discover that the house has magical keys that give them various powers and abilities, keys that they must protect from a demon who covets their power.

As rumored at the time of Netflix’s interest in the series first was announced they will go forward with a full recasting of the series instead of using the cast form the Hulu pilot. A redevelopment will also happen as showrunner Carlton Cuse will be joined by The Good Wife‘s Meredith Averill as a co-showrunner and Aaron Eli Coleite will serve as executive producer as well as rewrite the pilot alongside the comics writer Hill, who wrote the Hulu pilot with Cuse previously.

It director Andy Muschietti directed the Hulu pilot but with his work going on with It: Part Two a replacement will be found to handle directing this new pilot. Muschietti and his sister Barbara will remain in the credits as executive producers though.

Locke and Key is just the latest comic book adaptation that the streaming giant has added to their already impressive roster.


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