Image Comics’ Saga is set to go on a year-long hiatus

The long-running space opera/fantasy comic series' creative team will take a break before continuing the story


Since it debuted in 2012, Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples Image Comics series Saga has been a hit and easily become a fan-favorite type of series. Once it reaches the upcoming 54th issue though, fans will have to wait a bit longer for the next adventure.

While Image Comics tends to let many of their series take small breaks here or there to give readers time to catch up and allow creative times some time to get ahead on issues, as reported by Newsarama Saga will instead be taking a year-long break. Vaughan explained the reasoning for this break within a letter that comes in the back of issue 54 which comes out this week.

“After fifty-four issues and over 1,200 consecutive pages of sequential storytelling together, Fiona and I have decided to take an extended break before we eventually reunite with Saga #55. And unlike our usual three months of ‘Vacationanza’ between arcs, we plan to pause publication of this series for at least the next year. This obviously wasn’t a decision we took lightly, but Fiona and I feel a responsibility to keep making the very best comic we can, and we both agreed that he only way to eventually finish the epic saga we set out to tell was with this one significant… let’s call it… Intermission!”

After working on the series for six years straight with short breaks, it makes sense that the creative team as a whole all needs a break to step away and pursue other opportunities before returning to continue the story. As with all creative endeavors, sometimes space is needed for creators to be able to fully put their all into their work.

Following July 24’s issue 54, readers will be able to pick up a collection of the current art on September 26 and Saga #55 will arrive sometime in late 2019.


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