Snowguard joins the Champions #25 fantasy teasers with a new avian appearance

The Champions newest member is ready to get in on the teased fantasy-inspired looks for an upcoming story.

Champions 25 Snowguard Featured

One by one the teasers for each member of the Champions team with a fantasy twist are coming out, and this time it’s the newest member Snowguard’s turn. Previously Amadeus Cho/Brawn went Orcish, Ms. Marvel the wizard route, Ironheart as an iron knight and Miles Morales seemingly as a thief or other roguish type.

Snowguard, on the other hand, is taking on a slightly more monstrous and avian sort of change for whatever Champions #25 has in store for the young heroes. She’s still human in form but vicious talons have replaced her fingers and giant wings have sprouted from her back ready for flight or more.

Champions 25 Snowguard

With these five teasers, that leaves Nadia Pym/Wasp, Viv Vision and Sam Alexander/Nova left from the current team.

There is no word on just what the storyline will be that finds the young heroes changed in such ways, but the use of the word Weird in the caption does seem to point towards the strange fantasy setting of WeirdWorld. That other-dimensional world was reintroduced to Marvel during the 2015 event Secret Wars. 

Marvel’s October solicitations are due to arrive later this week which should shed some light on the issue.

Champions 25Champions 25 KamalaChampions 25 IronheartChampions 25 Spider


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