Robert De Niro reportedly might be joining Warner Bros. Joker film

The Academy Award-winning veteran actor could be looking to join his first ever comic book related film.

Robert De Niro

While there are seemingly multiple hurdles standing before the Joaquin Phoenix starring Joker standalone film from Warner Bros., one thing it won’t be lacking in is star power.

Academy Award-winning actor Robert De Niro is said to be circling the Todd Phillips directed project and could possibly sign on board, according to The Hollywood Reporter. If De Niro actually join this would be the veteran actors very first comic book movie role.

Reportedly De Niro would be playing a talk show host in the film who plays some big part in the origin story of the Joker.

De Niro is most famous for roles in classic films The Godfather: Part II, Raging Bull, Goodfellas and more but also was able to keep his career moving later in life by picking up more comedic roles like the Meet the Parents trilogy and even fantasy roles like the movie adaptation of the novel Stardust

Originally it was rumored/reported that Martin Scorsese was attached to the Joker film which might have attracted De Niro since they’ve worked together many times over the last few decades, but there hasn’t ever been a clear confirmation of Scorsese’s involvement.

Right before San Diego Comic-Con news dropped that the long-rumored Joker origin film was moving forward (though it was not one of the films that Warner Bros. spoke about in Hall H during the convention) with Phoenix as the lead and officially to be titled Joker with an October 4, 2019 release date.

Deadpool 2′s Zazie Beetz is also reportedly in negotiations to join the film. 


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