Ms. Marvel gains her own fantasy inspired teaser for Champions #25

Marvel's team of young heroes is seemingly diving into a fantasy style world in the latest line of teasers

Champions 25 Kamala Featured

Amadeus Cho, the heroic Brawn, won’t be the only one undergoing a bit of a change this October. Following the teaser featuring a Fantasy Orc like version of Amadeus, Marvel Comics has dropped another teaser from Champions aretist Sean Izaakse this time with the fan-favorite Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel.

Just like the last teaser this one features the Champions tagline “Change the World” but with a question mark and the caption “Weird…” at the bottom. Kamala hasn’t undergone as much of a change as Cho, who changed physically, as her costume is similar to normal but with more of a fantasy and sorcerer look to it including a hooded robe as she seemingly performs magic.

Champions 25 Kamala

There is no indication what will be happening in Champions #25 but it very much looks like the young team will be pulled into some type of story that has fantasy style elements to it. That is not uncommon for Marvel characters as they’ve been pulled into fantasy and fairy tale settings multiple times in the past.

Based upon the use of the word Weird in the teasers, it might be pointing a big arrow to WeirdWorld, the strange fantasy style other world reintroduced to Marvel during 2015’s Secret Wars.

Marvel’s October solicitations are due to arrive later this week which should shed some light on the issue.



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