Miles Morales dons fantasy-inspired wear and possible a new codename in Champions #25 teaser

Marvel continues their rollout of fantasy inspired teasers for Champions with a new look for Miles Morales

Champions 25 Spider Featured

One by one Marvel Comic’s Champions are shedding their usual costumes and looks to take on fantasy inspired looks. While Amadeus Cho/Brawn went the brutish Orcish sort of look, Ms. Marvel in a wizard/sorcerer mold & Ironheart donned knightly armor, Miles Morales is taking a different turn.

Rumors have been swirling around the character and if he’ll gain a new codename or not since the ending of Brian Michael Bendis most recent series with Miles (before he moved to DC Comics), and this teaser seems to lean in that direction. The image came from Marvel with the name “Spider” and features in a sort of fantasy thief/assassin looking garb for Champions #25. The teaser is like all the others so far, with Miles in a new look that screams of a journey to a fantasy world.

Champions 25 Spider

There is no word on just what the storyline will be that finds the young heroes changed in such ways, but the use of the word Weird in the caption does seem to point towards the strange fantasy setting of WeirdWorld. That other-dimensional world was reintroduced to Marvel during the 2015 event Secret Wars. 

Marvel’s October solicitations are due to arrive later this week which should shed some light on the issue.

Champions 25Champions 25 KamalaChampions 25 Ironheart



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