Marvel’s Champions go fantasy/medieval as they head to Weirdworld this fall

Things are going to get weird for the young heroes as they begin a quest to find two of their missing friends.

Champions 25 Featured

Things are going to get very weird for Marvel’s young team of heroes, the Champions, this fall as the group don their fantasy inspired best to engage on an amazing quest. After dropping multiple teasers featuring the cast, Marvel has announced that in October with Champions #25 Jim Zub, Sean Izaakse, Max Dunbar and Marcio Menyz are taking the Champions on a quest into the twisted realm known as Weirdworld.

“With two of their teammates having vanished into Weirdworld, the rest of the Champions have no choice but to follow them into that ever-changing landscape,” said SVP and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort. “However, the changes this will put them through are both profound and unexpected—and will lead to something new on the horizon!”

Champions 25

Each of the teasers was done by Izaakse & Menyz and features a member of the Champions team in a more fantasy/medieval sort of style. Amadeus Cho/Brawn takes on an Orcish like appearance, Ironheart is a knight, Ms. Marvel is the wizard/spell caster, Snowguard takes on a more avian appearance and Miles Morales becomes the thief/assassin route. The missing two teammates could be any combination of Viv Vision, Nadia Pym/Wasp or Sam Alexander/Nova depending on what happens with one of them apparently in issues leading up to this.

“Everyone who knows me and my work knows that sword & sorcery is near and dear to my heart. It’s a potent vehicle for building stories of survival and heroism in worlds where life can end on the tip of a blade and creatures lurk in every shadow,” said Zub. “The Champions fight for what’s right, no matter where they are…or who they are, and this upcoming weird and wonderful three-part story is going to show you how true that is.”

Champions 25Champions 25 KamalaChampions 25 IronheartChampions 25 SpiderChampions 25 Snowguard

Written by JIM ZUB
On Sale 10/3/18



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