Ironheart turns medieval knight in Marvel’s next Champions #25 teaser

Riri Williams dons armor & takes up arms as the Champions continue their Fantasy-inspired teaser reveals.

Champions 25 Ironheart Featured

With Amadeus going the Orcish route and Kamala traveling down the road of magic, the iron-suited Riri Williams, otherwise known as Ironheart, decided to go down the path of a noble knight. Marvel Comics has revealed the third of their Champions #25 teasers and this one features the fantasy makeover for Ironheart.

Like the other two, she’s decked out in a new costume that reflects a more fantasy sort of role, including a mace-like weapon as well as a mighty shield held aloft. Just as with the first two, this piece is done by Champions artist Sean Izaakse.

Champions 25 Ironheart

There is no word on just what the storyline will be that finds the young heroes changed in such ways, but the use of the word Weird in the caption does seem to point towards the strange fantasy setting of WeirdWorld. That other-dimensional world was reintroduced to Marvel during the 2015 event Secret Wars. 

Marvel’s October solicitations are due to arrive later this week which should shed some light on the issue.

Champions 25 KamalaChampions 25



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