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Grab all that SDCC swag for your bag in Hyper RPG’s latest convention based music video

Check out the latest convention music video from Hyper RPG all about the swag that one can pick up at the convention.


San Diego Comic-Con (and most big cons in general) can cost quite a bit from the badge costs to lodging & food and a lot of time is spent waiting in lines to hopefully get into a big panel for all the latest news/trailers or to try and snag whatever exclusive item is being debuted by a variety of companies. Don’t worry though, if you’re low on cash or time you can always seek out those freebies and little bits of nerdy swag for your shelves.

Following their comic creator-focused music video from last year, Abby Trott, Chris Bramante, Matt Acevedo, producer Lucas Eubank and Hyper RPG (Hyper Rabbit Power Go) are back with a brand new catchy convention focused jam. This one’s all about the awesome swag that you can get from the con, appropriately titled “Swag (In My Bag).” (Also keep an eye out for Hyper hosts Jessica Lynn Verdi, Emily Jacobson, Emma Fyffe, Markeia McCarty, Michelle Chubby Bunny, Hector Navarro and Adam Hlavac)

Now that you have that awesome tune stuck in your head (alongside the image of Swagatha Christie) make sure to head on over to Twitch & YouTube to check out all the other amazing content produced by the talents at Hyper RPG. The Twitch based network runs RPG shows set in the world of Star Wars, using the 10 Candles & Tales From the Loop systems, an upcoming Banner Saga miniseries & a Warhammer show, as well as a fully improv RPG show and so much more including talk shows, focused on superheroes and movies on their YouTube channel.

Check them out at & on YouTube. Give them a follow or a subscription, and get yourself a subscription through Twitch to help make more of this awesome content.


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