Amadeus Cho gets a fantasy style makeover in Marvel’s Champions teaser image

Marvel's latest teaser promises things are about to get a little weird for the young heroes of the Champions

Champions 25 Featured

Things are about to get pretty weird for one of Marvel’s young teams of heroes. That’s what the new teaser image from Marvel Comics declares, as it features a very Orcish looking makeover for the former Totally Awesome Hulk, now known as Brawn, Amadeus Cho who is a member of the Champions.

The image is a teaser for Champions #25 and comes from series artist Sean Izaakse. It features Amadeus looking far more like a fantasy warrior including a big sledgehammer.

Champions 25

Marvel heroes do have a history of ending up in Fantasy or Fairy Tale type settings, which might be where this is going but maybe not. There is no other information about the image, what the storyline in the issue or going forward will focus on but we won’t have to wait long as Champions #25 arrives in October.

Stay tuned for any further teaser images that are released.



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