Marvel announces the return of Uncanny X-Men

The former flagship title of Marvel's Merry Mutants is returning sometime later in 2018.


When Marvel dropped a shiny X symbol teaser with fall 2018 upon it right before San Diego Comic-Con, many fans began to anticipate the return of Uncanny X-Men, the longtime flagship book of the X-Men line. Turns out those fans were right, with a catch.

As reported by Newsarama, during the X-Men panel at SDCC it was revealed that Uncanny X-Men is indeed set to return as part of the X-Men Line at the publisher. That aforementioned catch is that while they announced the book they are not ready to announce any creative team names or characters on the roster or just about anything else about the book other than it is coming in November.

X-Men Editor Jordan D. White took to Twitter to confirm the news, and to state that there is a team in place (four issues are written reportedly) but they won’t be announced quite yet.

There is no indication when this announcement might come, New York Comic Con in October likely too far out since Marvel would be teasing books for the beginning of the year at that point. SDCC was the biggest stage there was for such an announcement but it didn’t come.

Stay tuned as we await Marvel’s announcement about the book.



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