Supergirl season four adds first TV transgender superhero with Legion of Superheroes related character

Dreamer, a character related to the Legion's Dream Girl, will join the series as it enters it's fourth season.

Legion of Superheroes

There have been quite a few firsts that have been achieved by The CW’s superhero related series in recent times, and now season four of Supergirl will feature another of those firsts. According to CBR, the series is adding transgender activist Nicole Maines to the series in the role of Nia Nal/Dreamer making her the first transgender superhero on a television series.

Nia will be a new hire at CatCo and is described as “a soulful young transgender woman with a fierce drive to protect others.” That drive to protect matches with the fact that her codename of Dreamer is connected to a group of superheroes that have found a home on the CW series. In the comics, Dream Girl (Nura Nal) is a member of the future team the Legion of Superheroes, and was briefly known as Dreamer in the 90s., with precognitive abilities that gave her visions of the future in her dreams.

There is no indication if Nia will find herself tied to the Legion, but with Brainiac 5 hanging around in the past on a regular basis for season four it seems very likely that some connections will be made.

Maines was the plaintiff in the 2013 Doe v. Clency case that led to Maine’s Supreme Judicial Court ruling it was unlawful for schools to deny transgender students access to the restroom that matched their gender. Previously Maines appeared on HBO’s The Trans List and USA’s Royal Pains. 

Supergirl moves to Mondy nights and returns on October 14.





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  1. I think it’s dumb to just Willy nilly mess with a character just to push your ideals especially when their are other ish members who are transgendered or capable of changing sex at will chem or year both shapeshifters from durian pop out the most or sp officer shvaugh who was born seen but took a gender swapping drug to become a woman. Ish is one of the most inclusive groups out there with one character who is an alien snake with robotic arms who can make herself look like a beautiful woman, beings of every hue and relationships of every type tell they even have an angel that is in love with a floating blob of energy that every time they make love she gets second degree burns. I just don’t understand why you take such a classic character and change her around especially when you got so much more interesting characters dream girl/dreamer has such a lame power she passes out and dreams the future. Would much rather see chem as a shapeshifters could be anyone or anything .Or mysa nai dreamers sister she is a sorceress with antennae sprouting from her eyebrows, or tinya wazzo phantom girl able to become intangible at will.


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